Water Conservation Strategy for Kensington Being Planned

The Town of Kensington is partnering with the Kensington North Watershed Association (KNWSA) in the creation of a Water Conservation Strategy that will be tailor-made to specifically fit the needs and demands of our community. The province of Prince Edward Island is 100% reliant upon groundwater resources to provide us with all of our hydrological needs. This fact alone makes the protection, preservation and proper use of our water resources a paramount issue and concern for all resident of our beautiful town. With this conservation strategy, we hope to identify and promote practices that will easily lead to smarter and more efficient use our most precious natural resource, water.

Kensington resident Garreth Ashley, who is studying Environmental Studies at UPEI, is the project manager. Before a water conservation plan is created, the Town and KNWSA would like to assemble a focus group of Kensington citizens. This focus group will be instrumental in guiding the direction of that will be set forth by our Water Conservation Strategy. Through insightful thought from our focus group, which will be a diverse selection of multiple residents of the town, the KNWSA and the Town of Kensington hopes that the strategy will encompass the ideals and needs of Kensington’s citizens. The benefits of water conservation will ensure a healthy future for our growing town and protect the water security of future generations of Kensingtonians. There is potential savings for the town and citizens money as well. Focus group members will be asked to attend about four meetings over the spring and summer.

The article can be found online in The County Line Courier, Vol. 22, No. 11, Pg. 08.

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