Harding Creek

While the Harding Creek watershed is located in the heart of the Clinton district, its source is in the northeast corner of Norboro. It also occupies a small portions of Margate and Grahams Road. The highest elevations of 74 to 83 m are found at the southeast part of the area. The land generally slopes northeastward to the Southwest River estuary.

Harding Creek begins on the west side of Rte 233 and flows easterly and then northeasterly parallel to the Kerrytown Rd. for about 3.1 km through the Red Sands Golf Course to the Clinton Pond. From the pond, the stream flows another 0.2 km under Rte. 6 and into the estuary south of the Harding Creek Rd. The Harding Creek estuary is about 1.8 km in length.