Sea View

The Sea View watershed is situated in the eastern half of Darnley and the northern half of Sea View district. The highest elevation of 52 m is found at the south end of the area on the west side of the County Line Rd south of Rte 103. The land generally slopes northward to the Gulf of St Lawrence.

This watershed is a collection of shoreline-direct streams that drain into the north shore barrier ponds and subsequently the Gulf of St Lawrence. These ponds are known individually as Branders Pond (Sea View Shore), Adams Pond (Coulsons Pond), and Morrisons Pond (Thunder Cove), of which the largest system is Branders.

The Branders Pond stream starts in open fields near the County Line Rd south of Rte 103. Over its 2.8 km length, it passes through a heavy alder covered area to a small pond that is used as a silt trap, into a steeply sloped valley, under Rte 20 and then into Branders Pond. The pond is about 0.4 km long and covers about 2.0 ha.

The main branch of the Adams Pond stream begins south of Rte 20 near the Mountain Rd. Over its 2.0 km length it flows under Rte 20, the County Line Rd and Pickering Rd before draining into Adams Pond. This pond is about 0.7 km long and covers about 8.7 ha.

About 1.2 km of seasonal stream flows northward into Morrisons Pond on the northeast side of the Lower Darnley Rd. Three secondary stream totalling 1.0 km also drain into the pond. This pond is about 0.6 km long and covers about 13.6 ha. There is additional shoreline-direct drainage totalling nearly 2.0 km on both sides of Morrisons Pond.