Paynters Creek

The Paynters Creek watershed is situated in the southern three-quarters of Springbrook and the eastern sixth of Long River district. The highest elevations of 52 to 56 m are found on the west side of the area. There is also a 50 m height of land in the centre of the watershed. The land generally slopes eastward to the Southwest River estuary and New London Bay.

This watershed area contains two short systems: Adams Creek and Paynters Creek. Adams Creek is a about 1.7 km long with a 0.6 km branch. stream off of the Southwest River. It flows east from steep-sloped farmland through a steep-sloped wooded valley, under Rte 20 north of the Anglican and into the Adams Creek estuary which is about 0.7 km long and covers 4.3 ha. While there are some fish in the fresh water portion of this stream, the steep culvert under Rte. 20 still prevents adequate fish passage, however, the riparian zone provides good habitat for mammals and birds.

Paynters Creek flows from a spring near the intersection of the Cobb Rd and the English Church Rd (Rte 234) and drains southeast about 1.4 km into a small salt water lagoon on the west side of Rte 20 before it enters the Southwest River estuary on the east side of the road.

An additional 2.0 km of shoreline-direct drainage also enters the Southwest River estuary. There is an old abandoned roadway to the south of present Rt. 20, which was in use until about 1955.