Tree Planting

Historically, up to 98% of PEI was covered in forest. Over time, forests were cleared away, and in many cases right to the stream banks. However, we now have buffer zones along our streams, allowing many of the areas cleared of trees to begin to regrow.

Kensington North Watersheds has planted many thousands of trees over the past decade. The majority of the trees are planted near streams to improve the riparian zone. Trees are beneficial to streams for several reasons including providing shade to the stream and lowering the temperature, stabilizing the stream banks with their roots, and providing habitat and food for other wildlife like birds and mammals.

Patch Cuts

Many of the streams in our area have had their trees completely cleared in the past and the trees that thrive in the the open and wet areas are alders. Small patches of trees are cut out of these areas, and a variety of other water tolerant trees are planted among them, such as red maple, white cedar or eastern larch.

The goal of patch cuts is that over time, the newly planted trees will grow up and shade over the alders. When alders don’t have access to light, they will die back, returning the area to a more diverse mix of tree species.

These alders were cut down and some maples, cedar, larch and yellow birch were planted.

Where necessary, trees have been provided with tree guards to prevent mouse browsing, and cardboard mulch to prevent grass and weeds from growing around the tree and overwhelming them.

Before and after tree planting in an open area near a stream.

Tree Search

Species Soil Moisture Shade Tolerance
Black Spruce Wet - Dry Full Sun
Eastern Hemlock Moist - Well-Drained Shade - Part Shade
Eastern Larch Wet - Dry Full Sun
Eastern White Cedar Wet - Dry Part Shade - Full Sun
Red Pine Moist - Dry Full Sun
White Pine Wet - Well-Drained Part Shade - Full Sun
White Spruce Moist - Dry Full Sun
Mountain Ash Well-Drained Part Shade - Full Sun
Red Maple Wet - Well-Drained Full Sun
Red Oak Moist - Well-Drained Full Sun
Sugar Maple Moist-Well-Drained Shade - Full Sun
Trembling Aspen Wet - Dry Full Sun
White Ash Moist - Dry Full Sun
White Birch Moist - Well-Drained Part Shade - Full Sun
Yellow Birch Moist - Well-Drained Part Shade - Full Sun