Summertime Household Hazardous Waste Reminder

Summer is officially here on PEI, and a major part of any PEI summer is spending time outdoors. We may not think of it, but many of the outdoor activities we participate in over the summer require the use of hazardous products, and need special attention when it comes to waste disposal.

Since many of the products we use for common summer activities may be considered hazardous if they’re no longer used, they should be disposed of correctly and not poured out or thrown in the garbage. For example, sunscreen and bug spray are summertime essentials and provide us with much needed protection from the elements and pests, but leftover or expired products should be taken to a waste watch drop-off centre for proper disposal.

Many of us also take great pride in our lawns and gardens over the summer and may use household gardening products, such as fertilizers or pesticides. Any leftover household gardening products should also be taken to a waste watch drop-off centre. Going on a camping trip or firing up the barbeque? You can take your empty propane tanks under 30 lbs to either a waste watch drop-off centre or your local propane dealer, whereas propane tanks above 30 lbs only go to your local propane dealer! Finally, if you celebrate an occasion with fireworks and have any leftover, these should NOT be taken to a waste watch drop-off centre, instead you should contact your local police regarding safe disposal.

There are six waste watch drop-off centres on PEI which accept household hazardous wastes free of charge. Two of these facilities, Wellington and New London, have extended summer hours to account for the busy tourism season. A full list of these facilities and their hours is available on Island Waste Management Corporation’s website at

Enjoying time outside with friends and family is central to a PEI summer, but it’s important to ensure that you dispose of the waste properly. Please do your part to protect our groundwater and natural environment for future generations to enjoy by properly disposing of your household hazardous waste!

Heather Harris,
Project Coordinator

Published in The County Line Courier, Vol. 27, No. 14, Pg. 15.

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