Improving Wildlife Habitat in Branders Pond, Cousins Pond, and Paynters Creek with Help from the Wildlife Conservation Fund

This field season Kensington North Watersheds Association has been working in Branders Pond, Cousins Pond, and Paynters Creek watersheds as part of a project funded by the Wildlife Conservation Fund. The purpose of our project is to improve wildlife habitat including both habitat for terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, and to create and protect biodiversity in these watersheds. 

Some of the work already completed this year includes working in the streams to remove fallen trees and clean up any damage caused by Hurricane Dorian. Many trees fell down in our watersheds during the hurricane, and while some woody debris in streams is beneficial for fish, too many branches can trap debris and sediment. Staff work with handsaws and chainsaws to remove low hanging branches or logs that are catching debris or look like they could cause issues in the future.  We’ve also begun performing stream and riparian health assessments to better gauge the current state of the watersheds and provide guidance for our restoration work in the future. 

Over the rest of the field season, we will continue performing stream work, such as clearing debris and nuisance branches and building brush mats as required. In the fall, we plan to plant a variety of native trees and shrubs along these streams in areas that require more tree cover or plant biodiversity.

Kensington North staff member performing a stream health assessment in the Adams Creek system of Paynters Creek watershed.

Funding from the Wildlife Conservation Fund comes from annual angling, hunting, and trapping licenses, as well as the purchase of motor vehicle conservation plates. Motor vehicle conservation plates are available for a $10 annual fee, with 100% of the fees going toward the Wildlife Conservation Fund. If you are interested in supporting projects like ours, which work to protect and enhance wildlife and wildlife habitats on PEI, please consider purchasing a conservation plate!

Published in The County Line Courier  Vol. 28, No. 15, Pg. 11

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