Hurricane Dorian

Tropical Storm Dorian hit the island on September 8th and knocked out power for days, and downed hundreds of trees around Kensington. Many of these trees fell into our streams. Our usual mandate requires us to be out of the streams at the end of September in order to let the trout spawn, but this year we had to extend our season into October to clear the channels.

Even with the deadline extension we had to get extra help from some students from the Holland College Wildlife Conservation program, some employees of the Watershed Alliance, other independent contractors and our previous executive director to chainsaw these trees out of the streams.

Sadly in our wooded areas we lost some nice trees such as White Pine and Eastern Hemlock which are not very common around this part of the island. Many poplar, red maple, and of course white spruce also came down.

A White Pine and Red Maple fallen into the Barbara Weit stream.

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