Hedgerow Programs

Benefits of Hedgerows / Windbreaks

  • Protection from wind damage and pesticides drifts
  • Reduce risk of wind erosion
  • Uniform snow dispersion
  • Barrier against insects and disease infestations
  • Maintain and improve soil moisture (less wind-less transpiration)
  • Barriers between organic and non organic crops
  • Improves natural beauty of the farm
  • Provides habitat for Bio-diversity
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs around farm buildings
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Can raise temperature of the soil and air, providing for earlier spring growth
  • Help to conserve water
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PEI Hedgerow Planting Program

Program Criteria:
  • Minimum of a one hectare (2.5 acres) land holding and 300 minimum plants required.
  • Land owners must agree to maintain the trees and shrubs planted under this program for a minimum of 15 years.
  • Bonafide farmers must have a completed Environmental Farm Plan.
  • The Hedgerow Planting Program project must be completed according to an approved standard. A representative from the Department will visit the site prior to the start of the project to inspect the site and review options with the landowner.
  • Double-row hedgerows are preferred and recommended. However, single row hedgerows will also be eligible.
Funding Levels:
  • The Province is responsible for supplying the seedlings, preparing the site, and having the trees planted.
  • The Landowner agrees to pay $0.25 / seedling planted.

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PEI Hedgerow Repair, Buffer Zone Planting

Program Criteria:
  • Older hedgerows with gaps, collapsing spruce
  • Buffer zones, high sloped land
  • 2-3 year old trees, “gallon”pots
  • Wide variety of native species available
  • Arrangements may differ between watershed groups
  • Goals of habitat creation and restoration strongly supported
Funding Levels:
  • Service provided at no charge. Supported by Wildlife Management Fund and Greening Spaces program
  • Watersheds welcome opportunities to work with farmers and landowners on positive projects concerning watershed and environmental issues.

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