Grass Waterways and Berms

Gullies and watercourses are low spots in a field where surface water will naturally drain. The sandy soils of PEI are highly erodible, in comparison to soils in other regions of the Maritimes. A heavy rainfall event may lead to water quickly running across the surface of a tilled field[…]

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Farming Forever Introduction

This is the first in a series of articles that will highlight how our farmers are continuing their efforts to improve farm practices by increasing cooperation between each other and researchers. Kensington North Watersheds Association is teaming up with the East Prince Agri-Environmental Association on a series of projects, including[…]

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Hedgerow Programs

Benefits of Hedgerows / Windbreaks Protection from wind damage and pesticides drifts Reduce risk of wind erosion Uniform snow dispersion Barrier against insects and disease infestations Maintain and improve soil moisture (less wind-less transpiration) Barriers between organic and non organic crops Improves natural beauty of the farm Provides habitat for[…]

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